Tuesday 2 April 2019

Italy: Milan, July 1974

"Outside the Cathedral  [Duomo] in Milan, having
just arrived in Italy to meet Peter. Italy, July 74" (Sally)
I love this photo, so I'm pinning it to the top of the blog.
The story here is that I was in Turin, teaching English with Linguarama.  I had a couple of private students, lawyers both, who wanted me to accompany them and their families on a car trip to Yugoslavia.  All I had to do to earn my keep was teach them some English every day. I was cheeky and asked them if I could bring along my girlfriend Sally, then living in the UK. They said fine. And so here she is, meeting me in Milan.
The posts below go from India, the end of our trip from London in 1975, backward to 1969 and our mates in those days.

Wednesday 17 July 2013

India, June 1975

Wrangle arrives in India.  Here at the Pakistan-India border

Bathing on the border

Red Temple, Jaipur

The Golden Temple in Amritsar. That's me squatting there....
It was attacked by terrorists in 1984

Afghanistan, May 1975

Khyber Pass Kar

Ray and Sal, with Heratis

I bought that embroidered waistcoat in Herat, and loved
it for many years. Where is it now?...
Our first encounter with the full Burka was in
Afghanistan, where they were ubiquitous

Wrangle on the Khyber Pass, May 1975

Afghanistan, 1975. Sal at the Pak-Af Border

I think this is at the Afghanistan-Pakistan border where we had to wait about
half a day to get through.  Though it could be on the Iran-Afghan border.
Sal: do you know?  My comment: "my what a beautiful woman".  Headcovering
an' all. Check out the kid on the right. He thinks so too!

Iran, May 1975

Oz takes Ray, Forse and Robin to the main square, Isfahan.  It's huge

Oz, Robin, Forse. At the Ozzie's house.
They were teaching English
Jenny, Oz, Forse.  Isfahan, main square

Sal, Oz, Jenny, Isfahan

Forse and Oz on the bikes we'd cadged from American armed service folks
and went riding in the desert right outside Isfahan.....

... a result

Turkey, May 1975

Greece, April 1975

Why did we take so many photos of setting up camp, but none, not a one, of the whole trip through Yugoslavia, down to the border with Albania, where we had to turn left and around to get to Greece?  Why not a one?  (PF, 2 Apr 19)

Wednesday 10 July 2013

Italy, March 1975. (Macugnaga)

Forse and Sal, top of Macugnaga
Fun in the snow, Macugnaga, March 1975

The chef taught Forse how to make good bolognaise sauce
Forse, an Aussie, in Italian kitchen making
Spag-bol for pommies

Claudio, wife, Padg, Forse, Mar 75
Boyz and da hood... Macugnaga, and Wrangle

Hidden Wrangle
Coooeee... anyone there?...

An interloper photo: Venice, of course. Ray and Robin
"Baika Toffi. Italia, March 75"

"In Padge's room in the Baika Toffi, in Macugnaga.
Italia, March 75"

"Wrangle and Sal. Italia March 75"

"Padge and Sal with Murca, the dog from the Anza
with the Toffi in the background. Macugnaga, Mar 75"

I remember the snow that year.  So much that there were avalanches, which brought down pylons.  So much snow....

Friday 5 July 2013

Switzerland, Feb 1975. (Verbier)

Mont Gelé .  Postcard, with on the back: "Vue aérienne des Attelas et du
Mt-Gelé  (3,023 m)".  Brave young guys would ski down the front of this.
"Forsythe family on the balcony of Chalet Bolobo, Verbier.
Our room is downstairs and the lounge behind the balcony.
Suisse, Feb 75"
Road view of Chalet Bolobo

"I got Anne and Margaret onto tapestry, which we used to do in the Sun.
Suisse, Feb 75"

"Early morning sun downstairs outside our bedroom. Suisse, Feb 75"

"Savolyeres in the background. We could ski right home to the chalet from
the top.  Suisse, Feb 75".  Dad (aka John) takes in the sun.

"Sunny Sunday in the snow.  Suisse, Feb 75"

"Suisse, Feb 75".  

"Taken from the top of Mont Gelé at the start
of La Grande Journée. Suisse, Feb 75"

"Top of  Mont Gelé. It was so steep it was difficult
to even stand there for the photo. Suisse, Feb 75"

"Tracks in the soft snow made by Anne. Suisse, Feb 75"

"Alf doing a slalom after soft snow on Savolyeres.
Suisse, Feb 75"

"Off piste. Anne.  Suisse, Feb 75"

"On top of the chair lift @ Savolyeres. Suisse, Feb 75"
Sal and Anne, "getting the job done", somewhere on the
mountain, in lovely afternoon sun
Mont Gelé, Verbier, another view
It was pretty much like this when we were there